суббота, 19 декабря 2015 г.

Диалог и Монолог по английскому языку

1. What is your health?
1. My health is good.
2. What do you do at home?
2. I … and…
3. What is latest school news?
3. At school…, in class…
4. What did you do in the English lesson?
4. We … (Past Simple)
5. Do you like winter holidays?
5.Yes? I do!
6. What New Year present would you like to get?
6. I would like to get…

Card 1. Last weekend
1.I spent the weekend in…very good
2. I… (Past Simple- ed  или II кол табл непр глаг)

Card 2.Collection at home.
1. I collect … at home. I have… (сколько).
2. I began collect… 2 years ago.

Card 3. My favorite holiday.
1. I like best…( праздник) because…
2. I usually spend this holiday…

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